Research Matters!

How much research and data are you using to inform your strategies and decision-making around engagement? Often, we convince ourselves that the need for data and analytics is unnecessary, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to reach people you never have before, or attract people to your business that you … Continue reading

The ABC’s of Helping Kids to Understand Issues of Race

  Psychology tells us the best place to combat implicit bias is at home (Husband, 2012). I have had numerous White friends tell me over the years “I don’t see race and I don’t teach my kids to see race.” What that statement tells me, is that they are already creating a space in their … Continue reading

The Not-So-Easy Elevator Pitch

When I was a professional dancer, it was fairly easy to strike up a conversation about my occupation, although I found myself often qualifying as a “classical or ballet” dancer and not “that kind of dancer.” Since becoming a trial consultant, I find people are often confused about what I do and why it’s needed. … Continue reading

“Brainolitics” – Does your brain define your party?

Several prior studies have shown that there are variances among democrats and republicans when it comes to cognitive processes (Lakoff, 2004). Conservatives lean towards structure in their judgments, whereas liberals tend to take more risks (Lakoff, 2004). Interestingly, more recent studies have found this is true not just in voting practices but in everyday situations. … Continue reading

The Football Feminist

It is an interesting dichotomy to work for a women’s foundation and be a football fan these days. How to do you resolve the desire to support and empower women with a passion for a game where many involved are marginalizing women and condoning behavior that harms women? In a staff meeting, this past week, … Continue reading

The Dangerous Power of Microagression

  The term racial microaggressions was first proposed by psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, MD, in the 1970s, but psychologists have significantly nuanced and defined the concept in recent years.  Let’s perhaps start this discussion with an example: A judge and two attorneys are conducting voir dire in a local courthouse. As the jury pool is … Continue reading

Young lawyers, two steps ahead and changing the game

I had the pleasure of being invited to present on a legal panel at New England Law School in Boston this past week. Being firmly committed to nurturing future leaders, legal or otherwise, I welcome these opportunities knowing I will almost always walk away with more than expected, and this evening did not disappoint. My … Continue reading

A juror is more than their zip code

  Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875 to eliminate racial discrimination in jury selection. People of color continue to be excluded from jury service because of their race, especially in serious criminal trials and death penalty cases. In the state of California however, we are seeing a steady increase in minority representation in … Continue reading

The psychology of connection…it’s more than communication

So often the lessons start early, as early as kindergarten; “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” who doesn’t remember Dr. Seuss and the way the different fish were set out in our early childhood cognitive minds by their differences, similarities, and for better or for worse, value based on group affiliation. Today, the … Continue reading

Verdict Works 2013, our pilot year in review

Every year that we focus on creating equality and rights in law, it will be a good year.  Every time lawyers, advocates and everyday people strengthen their connections with one another it can only benefit everyone, but especially those most in need.  For Verdict Works our pilot year was a great one, but we have … Continue reading

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