Verdict Works 2013, our pilot year in review

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Every year that we focus on creating equality and rights in law, it will be a good year.  Every time lawyers, advocates and everyday people strengthen their connections with one another it can only benefit everyone, but especially those most in need.  For Verdict Works our pilot year was a great one, but we have much more work to do!

In 2013, the work we embarked on enriched our practice more than we could have known was possible. We developed friendships with lawyers, community organizers, prisoners, advocates and government officials who will hopefully be partners with us for years to come. We worked with families of prisoners and helped to educate them about their rights. We assisted lawyers in courtroom presentation, jury selection and mentored law school students on the importance of cultural competency and diversity in our field. We volunteered our services for clients without resources and supported the work of the Prison University Project, Innocence Project and the ACLU.

The knowledge base of fellow legal advocates and consultants who have shared their time, stories and experiences about the amazing work that is being done out there in the world has been nothing short of remarkable, we are honored to be a part of this work. We have enjoyed giving our time and counsel to minority and women law students and emerging lawyers in the field in order to support them and close the gender and racial gaps in the legal profession.

Our hope for 2014 is that our Verdict Works community continues to grow and strengthen. We look forward to continuing to bring passion, heart, and soul to our work in civil rights, criminal defense, diversity training and prisoners advocacy. We wish you an incredible 2014 and look forward to sharing the exciting things to come in the year ahead! 

Be Well,

 Michelle Ramos-Burkhart, Founder

Verdict Works, LLC

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