Verdict Works 2013, our pilot year in review

Every year that we focus on creating equality and rights in law, it will be a good year.  Every time lawyers, advocates and everyday people strengthen their connections with one another it can only benefit everyone, but especially those most in need.  For Verdict Works our pilot year was a great one, but we have … Continue reading

Understanding the nuances of arguing versus persuasion

Lawyers as advocates; that is our role, but does advocacy need to involve arguing. Visit your local law school and you might find this is exactly what we are teaching our young lawyers. The problem with this is our juries are smarter and more skilled at deciphering purposeful advocacy from strong-armed showboating and frankly the … Continue reading

Is the impression you are making in court the right one?

It is not a secret that prior to my career in law I was a professional ballet dancer. I have been involved in the dance/entertainment community for many years and still do occasional volunteer work.  As a jury consultant, my work in jury selection is increasing, and I can’t help but find the analogy of … Continue reading

Court Appointed Trial Consultants, extending the Gideon right to defense

On January 8, 1962, the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court received a handwritten petition from Clarence Earl Gideon asking the Court to overturn his conviction for theft because he had not been appointed a lawyer to represent him in his criminal trial. That petition began the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright, in … Continue reading

Sticks and Drones

Two conductors on the beat

The Litigation Consulting Report

Issues of Justice, Strategy and Equity w/ M. Ramos-Burkhart


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