Young lawyers, two steps ahead and changing the game

I had the pleasure of being invited to present on a legal panel at New England Law School in Boston this past week. Being firmly committed to nurturing future leaders, legal or otherwise, I welcome these opportunities knowing I will almost always walk away with more than expected, and this evening did not disappoint. My … Continue reading

Understanding the nuances of arguing versus persuasion

Lawyers as advocates; that is our role, but does advocacy need to involve arguing. Visit your local law school and you might find this is exactly what we are teaching our young lawyers. The problem with this is our juries are smarter and more skilled at deciphering purposeful advocacy from strong-armed showboating and frankly the … Continue reading

A Call for Creativity in the Legal Field

Recently, I have met a number of lawyers who have to come to field from a creative or arts background. My twitter handle is “dancinlawyer” because before coming to the legal field I worked as a professional dancer (and no, not the pole variety). When people have discovered this, the response is usually confusion and … Continue reading

Sticks and Drones

Two conductors on the beat

The Litigation Consulting Report

Issues of Justice, Strategy and Equity w/ M. Ramos-Burkhart


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