The Not-So-Easy Elevator Pitch

When I was a professional dancer, it was fairly easy to strike up a conversation about my occupation, although I found myself often qualifying as a “classical or ballet” dancer and not “that kind of dancer.” Since becoming a trial consultant, I find people are often confused about what I do and why it’s needed. … Continue reading

Life as a Zimmerman Juror

  Opening arguments have started in the high profile Zimmerman trial. The media has latched on like a vice covering every word being spoken in the courtroom. The six female jurors and four alternates however will never see any of the coverage, in fact they are basically being “sentenced” by sequester over the coming four … Continue reading

Court Appointed Trial Consultants, extending the Gideon right to defense

On January 8, 1962, the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court received a handwritten petition from Clarence Earl Gideon asking the Court to overturn his conviction for theft because he had not been appointed a lawyer to represent him in his criminal trial. That petition began the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright, in … Continue reading

Sticks and Drones

Two conductors on the beat

The Litigation Consulting Report

Issues of Justice, Strategy and Equity w/ M. Ramos-Burkhart


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